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Practice the Spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC Forestall and Defuse Major Risks


--Post-Loan On-Site Inspection on On-going Project in Anhui Province

Following the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, China Clean Development Mechanism Fund Management Center (the "Management Center"), actively carried out post-loan on-site inspection of the projects supported by the clean development concessional loans (the "concessional loans") to ensure the effectiveness of the energy saving and emission reduction. The Management Center adheres to the green development and promotes the cause of energy saving and emission reduction through practical actions.  

On December 15, 2017, the Management Center and Anhui Finance Bureau inspected the construction site of the ongoing relocation and technological improvement project of Anhui Xuanjiu Group, follow the post-loan management procedures of concessional loans. This project is about the category of energy saving and efficiency improving.


During the relocation and construction, Anhui Xuanjiu Group upgraded the existing production lines, substituted gas-fired boilers for coal-fired boilers, and constructed a new advanced sewage treatment system to produce methane to be used as fuel, all of which will protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. Once the project is completed, it can improve the energy efficiency of the production lines, significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption, cut down greenhouse gas emission and improve the local air quality.


The inspectors reviewed the construction progress of the production lines and the current operations. They also checked the general information of the project owner, the payment and usage of the funds, the project progress, the financial conditions, business operation and credit standing of the company, and the capital safety of the funds in accordance with the related procedures. Up to now, the upgrading construction by Anhui Xuanjiu Group has been completed and the production lines and operations are running normally in general.


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