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CDM FUND Concessional Loan Seminar 2018 Held in Beijing


China Clean Development Mechanism Fund Management Center (the “Management Center”) hosted the 2018 Concessional Loan Seminar on January 30 in Beijing. Director General Jiao Xiaoping, Deputy Director General Mo Xiaolong, and Deputy Director General Wang Ning, attended the seminar along with representatives from 20 provincial (or autonomous region or municipality level) financial departments nationwide.

On behalf of the Management Center, Director General Jiao Xiaoping gave an overview of China CDM Fund’s investment, especially the CDM concessional loans business in 2017. He made an analysis of the current situation and put forward the priorities for the concessional loan work in 2018 as follows. First, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, diligently carry out key responsibilities as a financial management center, and strive to make our skies blue again. Second, highlight the key areas important to the public good and people’s livelihood, and steadily advance the concessional loan service. Third, regulate the project management procedures, and prevent and control related risks. Fourth, accelerate the transformation to market-oriented operation and enhance international cooperation. Fifth, conduct well the publicity of China CDM Fund’s projects as well as the policy research, trainings and so on.

In order to promote the exchanges of experience on the concessional loans among different provinces, the Management Center invited the representatives from the provincial financial departments of Hebei, Fujian, Shandong, Henan and Shaanxi to share their experience. They introduced the project development and implementation, and also put forward valuable suggestions for existing problems. Then the participants had a lively discussion and provided opinions and suggestions on the priorities of the concessional loan service and the further regulation of the management process in 2018.

Deputy Director General Mo Xiaolong summarized the meeting. He pointed out that the concessional loan service would stick to the priorities agreed on at the meeting and make progress in three important aspects in 2018: in terms of the business development, we should concentrate on the key objectives of thorough implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, making our skies blue again, contributing to the public good and advancing market-oriented operation; and as for the priority areas, we should focus on the central heating, clean heating, green public transportation, clean energy utilization and others that are important to the public benefit and people’s livelihood; and as for the loan management, we should regulate the project management process and strictly control the project risks by concentrating on the crucial links including the due diligence, post-loan management, counter-guarantee measures, performance evaluation, carbon budgets and so on. 



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