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China CDM Fund Concessional Loan Training Workshop Held in Yantai, Shandong Province


From June 6th to 7th, 2018, China CDM Fund Management Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Management Center”) held China CDM Fund Concession Loan Training Workshop in Yantai, Shandong Province. It’s the first time that the Management Center held the marketing project training to enterprises directly, aiming at enabling more enterprises to learn about China CDM Fund, utilization scope and method of concessional loan. Therefore, the CDM Fund can help more enterprises enjoy favorable policy fund and jointly promote low-carbon development of enterprises. Jiao Xiaoping, Director General of the Management Center, and Mo Xiaolong, Deputy Director General of the Management Center addressed the meeting. CNPC and other 90 representatives from 47 enterprises participated this training.

Director General Jiao Xiaoping gave speech on the opening ceremony of the training. He reviewed the process of the CDM Fund’s participation in the work tackling climate change. He described the tasks and positive contributions of the CDM Fund in the ecological civilization construction and green and low-carbon development from the history of the CDM Fund establishment background, purpose and business development. He hoped that the CDM Fund can cooperate with excellent enterprises from all fields in a marked-oriented way, playing a guided and innovative role in supporting enterprises’ effort to carbon emission reduction, and promote green and low-carbon development of China and reach win-win cooperation through effective and stratified risk management.

During the training, business departments of the Management Center gave explanations about general condition and procedures of the CDM Fund’s business, application and standards of marketing projects, risk management and evaluation, performance evaluation and project capital management. Experts were invited to give topic introduction about “Due Diligence and Post-Loan Management” and “Carbon Emission Reduction Budget”. Besides, Shenergy Finance Group Co., Ltd and Fujian Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd shared experience about their cooperation with the CDM Fund.

This training is the first promotion and publicity activity for the marketing business of the CDM Fund. Based on “Innovative Carrier Facilitates Cooperation, Built Platform Promotes Communication”, the training on the one hand enabled enterprises to learn about procedures of the CDM Fund, on the other hand make them realize that cooperation with the CDM Fund not only is a practice of green and low-carbon development idea, but also can help them enjoy the support of concession loan to ease financial burden, gain advantages in other financing cooperation and win more opportunities of cooperating and communicating with international financial institutions. Through face-to-face communication with enterprises, the CDM Fund can find potential cooperation partners.

This training course obtained favorable results and signifies a solid step further made by marketing business of the CDM Fund. Deputy Director General Mo Xiaolong concluded the training under the theme of “Gratitude, Achievement and Expectation”. First express gratitude to representatives presented at the meeting; secondly recognize the training course of serving as a bridge for cooperation in the future. It not only enabled enterprises to learn about the nature of the CDM Fund, application requirements and approval procedures, but also expand channels for business of the CDM Fund; and at last expect close cooperation with enterprises and make joint contributions to ecological civilization construction and environmental protection.


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