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50,000-mu Organic Wolfberry Planting Base Construction and Wolfberry Processing Project by Ningxia Yijie Manor Wolfberry Technology Co., Ltd


The project was approved with China CDM Fund concessional loan of RMB 69 million on June 4th, 2018. It mainly includes the construction of 50,000-mu organic wolfberry planting base and wolfberry product processing equipment and the purchase of supporting facilities. The project belongs to the category of energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement. As a kind of shrub, wolfberry has capacity of carbon sequestration. By planting 50,000-mu wolfberry, the project can increase carbon sink. Meantime, solar heat storage panels are adopted to gather heat to dry wolfberry products, thus can save power. And waste heat recovery heat pump system is utilized to recover high-humidity and high temperature air excluded during the drying process, which can increase energy efficiency rate of heat pump and so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If the project is put into production, it will cut down greenhouse gas emissions by 11,432 tCO2e per year and leverage social capital of RMB 35.4 million.


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