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Liquan County Urban and Rural Public Energy-Saving Lighting Construction Project was Grant with China CDM Fund Concessional Loan


On July 20th, 2018, China CDM Fund Management Center issued the Reply Letter to approve the grant of the CDM concessional loan of RMB 65 million to the Liquan County Urban and Rural Public Energy-Saving Lighting Construction Project of Liquan Engineering Company in Shaanxi Province. It’s estimated that the project can leverage social capital of RMB 20,049 and cut down carbon dioxide emission by 5,158 tCO2e on annual basis.

As been running for a rather long time, a large number of the street lamps alongside the main roads in the urban and rural areas of Liquan County show reduced illumination on road surface, large energy consumption and potential risks to safety. In order to improve lighting equipment on main urban and rural roads, lower lighting energy consumption and elevate lighting efficiency, new construction and energy-saving transformation of main urban and rural roads were scheduled. The project mainly aims at transforming street lamps alongside the Xilan Avenue, the Chengbei Road and other 9 streets in Liquan County and newly constructing street lamps alongside 16 urban and rural main roads, such as the Xili Road and the Guanzhong Ring Road. Through replacement of the original high energy-consuming lighting equipment with energy-saving LED lamps, the project contributes to elevating energy utilization efficiency and reducing power consumption, which further cut down greenhouse gas emissions.


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