First “Green Innovation Investment Business” Project Approved Loan by China CDM Fund, Jiangsu Province Finance Bureau and Bank of Jiangsu


On November 1, China Clean Development Mechanism Fund Management Center (hereinafter referred to as “the CDM Fund”) issued Reply Letter to approve the CDM concessional loan to the Continuous Fiber Reinforcement Thermoplastic Composite Adopted in Transportation and Military and Civilian Aviation Field Production Line Expansion Project of Jiangsu Qiyi Technology CO., Ltd.

It’s the first “Green Innovation Investment Business” project cooperated among the CDM Fund, Jiangsu Province Finance Bureau and Bank of Jiangsu. The CDM Fund and Bank of Jiangsu co-financed the project with concessional loan of RMB 100 million, among which RMB 50 million is from the CDM Fund and guaranteed by Bank of Jiangsu. Jiangsu Province Finance Bureau will provide moderate interest subsidy to the project enterprise according to relevant rules.

“Green Innovation Investment Business” is both an innovation practicing national green development strategies and supporting low-carbon transformation of local economy, and an important initiative to practice the spirits of the 19th National Congress of CPC under new circumstances. Starting the first project signifies a solid step taken by the CDM Fund in innovating the paid-use business.

The project is mainly about newly-built of 4 production factories and purchase of 17 production lines of thermoplastic prepreg tape and thermoplastic composite. After completion, the project can newly increase capacity of continuous fiber reinforcement thermoplastic prepreg tapes by 15,000 tons, promoting high-end development of national fiber composite industry and booming of aviation and new energy vehicle and other industries. Materials produced under the project can be adopted in the vehicle field to take place of steel and aluminum plates, which helps to decrease vehicle weight and lower energy consumption, thus further cuts down greenhouse gas emissions and realize energy-saving and emission reduction. It’s estimated that the project has potential of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about 20,000 tCO2e annually.

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