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Outputs of grant-funded projects in 2008


      1 The Board of China CDM Fund reviewed 1,352 projects with “CDM Project review fee” from Jan.2008 to June.2009. A total of 1,086 projects have been approved, and some have been registered in CDM-EB and yielded products and profits.
      2 In 2008, the State Council Information Office released China’s White Paper on Climate Change to the world, and it introduced Chinese government’s climate change policies and measures, principles, positions and the progress that has been made so that the international community can better understand what China has done in this area.
      3 Renew China’s National Climate Change Programme and compile the 12th Five Year Plan for addressing climate change. Provide scientific support and policy advice to the government and contribute to the formulation of national and local plans for economic and social development; it will enhance people’s understanding of China’s climate cause, showcase China’s responsible effort to implement United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention (UNFCCC) and make new contribution to environmental protection in China.
      4 Develop research on major opportunities and challenges for tackling climate change guided by the principle of “accommodating domestic and international landscape with global and strategic vision”.
      5 Develop research on the demands, negotiation positions and policy measures of major contracting parties on climate change.
      6 Develop CDM methodologies on projects that improve energy efficiency of power plants and phase out small plants and compile project-based PDD.
      7 Investigate the current HFC23 emissions and predict its future trend, make proposals on HFC23 emissions control policies and countermeasures, and on that basis formulate China’s Strategic Research Report on HFC23 Emissions Control”.
      8 Produce a video promo on climate change to raise public awareness.
      9 Investigate GHG emission reduction and carbon sink in agriculture and rural areas, and put forward China Report on GHG Emissions Reduction in Agriculture and Rural Areas and Report on Typical Cases.
      10 Produce a video and a pamphlet under the theme of "Climate Change: China 2008".
      11 Support consultation on project activities by National Climate Change Committee of Experts.
      12 Study on and provide proposals for international consultations on climate financing issues.
      13 Study and develop mid-and long- term fiscal policy planning for tackling climate change and promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction.
     14 Analyze climate scenarios, impacts and countermeasures under concentration stability targets for different periods

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